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Muthu Builders & Engineers - Commercial Builders in Chennai
Muthu Builders & Engineers are best known for its artistic construction of Residential, apartments and commercial complexes in Chennai. We are well equiped with highly experienced builders who maintain sustainable quality standards and reputation with the clients. We are always known to exceed the client expectation via our timely construction and benchmark we set in our work. Our Construction activities includes Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Shopping malls, Restaurants, Schools, Hospitals, Hostel Constructions.

Muthu Builders & Engineers are best known as a Traditional Builder in Chennai with Vastu Based Building Plan offering the services at Lowest Quote in the Market. Our 25+ years of Experience in the Construction Sector makes us the comforable choise for your dream house construction .


What is the Construction Cost Per Sqft in Chennai?

We Charge Rs.1800/- per sqft

Type Work
Column Isolated or Combind footing.M20 concrete upto parapet wall level.
Basement 3'0" hieght from your plot level.
Superstucture With First class Bricks 1:6 mix (M Sand) . 10 feet height, parapet wall 3 Feet height, 4.5 Inch Thick.
Roof concrete Roof concrete. 5" inch thick M20 concrete.
Plastering Inner and Outer plastering 1:4 mix (Full M Sand Nice).
Doors 2nd quality teak wood frames with flush doors. M.S.fittings,One coat wood primer,two coat Asian enamel paint.
Windows UPVC ISI qlty Windows
Floor Area Rs 45 / sq.ft. worth joint free tiles for all floor area and Stair case steps. For bath rooms Rs 25/Sq.ft. worth tiles for wall and floors. 7'0" ht. For parking area Rs 25 / Sq.ft.
Plumbing Each bath rooms would've one washbasin, one wall mixure, one health faucet, Two taps, one Ewc or indian closet.For kitchen Two taps one for metro water. One tap for washing machine. One tape at outer space and one at open terrace.(All fittings are Parry ware basic model.)
Electrical works

Hall: Two fan point,Two tube lights,Two wall fittings,One chandlier T.v.point,One telephone point.and 6 nos of 5 pin points.6 nos 5 amps points.

Bed rooms: One fan point,One tube point,one wall fitting pt,one night lamp pt,One A.C.point.

Kitchen: One light point,one exhaust fan pt,One Grinder pt,one micro oven pt,one mixy pt,one Dishwash pt,One washing machine pt.

Toilet: one light point,one water heater point.(All Orbit brand wires,Anchor croma switches.)

Kitchen table,over laid classic gold granite,grnite beadings,S.S.sink,Gas hole.

Elevation work As per Elevation Drawings.
Staire case Full of bricks steps and full M.S.Hand railes.
Painting works For inner one coat Birla white cement,two coat A.C.E. paint. For outer wall one coat Birla white cement,Two coat A.C.E. paint.
Metro water sump (Extra Work) Rs 28/per ltr.All walls and roof,floor full of R.C.C.Works,wall tiles.
Septic tank (Extra Work) Rs 28/per ltr.All walls and roof,floor full of R.C.C.Works.

We Charge Rs.1800/- per sqft

Owners Responsibility: Main switches, E.B. board, E.B.connection, electric charges and Water motor pump, water supply, Outer Plumbing Work, all Government based Works are owners cost.

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